SAT Test Preparation

The SAT Prep Course is designed to help students navigate the SAT test. The fourteen hour course covers each section of the SAT: Math, Critical Reading, & Writing and Language. The instructor breaks down each section and teaches the students how to recognize what each question is asking and how to choose the best answer. The majority of the course is spent taking practice tests and understanding the answers. By practicing, the student will increase his/her score and become faster at answering the questions. The course allows the students a designated time each week that they focus solely on the SAT. While taking this course will help the student improve their scores, the instructor encourages each student to spend time outside of class practicing to achieve maximum improvement. The cost of the course is $250.00 and that includes the study book that is used.

College Prep Boot Camp

During the College Prep Boot Camp,  students spend a week developing a plan to find the college that is the right fit for them academically, financially and socially. Students will learn how to best prepare for the college of their choice. Time will be spent taking personality and career assessments, discovering which options are the best fit and making a plan. There will be a brief overview of SAT Prep and essay writing. After the Boot Camp, students will emerge with a plan and a purpose which should lower everyone's stress level. The cost of the ten hour Boot Camp is $250.00.

Individualized Tutoring and Consultation

Please contact Mary Kathryn for a free consultation to decide you need individualized attention.