Over the past 15 years, I have taught thousands of students in SAT/ACT Prep Courses. I began the College Prep Boot Camps because I kept seeing seniors come through the SAT class stressed about their future and limited options. They had unknowingly limited their options by not thinking about their future until the end of their Junior year. Some schools they looked at emphasized leadership and extracurricular activities for 3 or 4 years. Some schools only cared about GPA, not that they took every AP class available. I began to see if they could get an idea earlier of their strengths and which schools would be the best fit for them; they could mitigate much of the anxiety and allow more options. 

Without a vision, the people perish…” Prov. 29:18
High School students are in one of the most significant periods of their life. Over the next 7-10 years, they will graduate high school, attend college, choose a career path & geographic location, and potentially meet their life partner. Thinking about how much could happen in the next 7-10 years is wild! 

The College Prep Boot Camp is a six-hour session. We will spend the day together, and I will equip students with a plan and help guide them on a path that will allow them to reach their maximum potential. 

Students will emerge from the College Prep Boot Camp with a clear direction for pursuing their goals. 

The course covers personality and career assessments, best-fit college choices, SAT/ACT strategies, essay writing, extracurricular activities, GPA calculations, dual enrollment, AP, summer activities, etc.

Students will emerge as active participants in their own lives with a plan on how to reach their potential.