Why Educational Consulting??

I have six children. I spend the majority of my time focused on them. Are they being kind? Are they making the right choices? Are they getting enough attention? How are they doing in school? How are they doing socially? What should I feed them? Are they wearing clean clothes? At times it is overwhelming. At the end of the day, my husband and I just want to know that we are ultimately raising them to be successful men and women. Success looks different to everyone, but our definition of success is that Jesus is loved, others are loved and you are doing what you love.

We use the illustration of a timeline in our house. We draw a line across a sheet of paper and say this line marks your entire life. At age 10, you could be 1/10th of the way through your life. We stress that this distance isn't very much at all. They still have 9/10ths to go. However, the decisions that they make during the 2/10th (age 11-20) of their lives have the power to totally transform their lives. During this time, they might meet their lifetime mate, they will begin to make career choices, their academic choices will dictate which doors are open to them. This is such an important time in their life. It is during this time that parents spend money on all kinds of activities for their children, whether it is athletics or in the arts, but not a lot of time and emphasis is placed on executing an academic plan. This is where Tatum Tutorial and Consulting can be an asset. We will help you navigate the path to college and make a plan to put yourself in the best position to get accepted into the college of your choice.

A homeowner can sell his own home; however, a real estate agent helps ease the stress and makes the process so much easier. A student and his family can figure out the college application process; however, an educational consultant helps lower the stress and gives the family a plan.


Are you taking the steps needed to get accepted into a college of your choice? If you are not or you are unsure of what steps are needed, contact us today.